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We are BLUEBASH; Benign, Leading-figure, Unique, Energetic, Brilliant, Ambitious, Successful and Humdinger. We are the same as other developers although unique in working strategy. We are passionate technicians who believe to serve their customers with great satisfaction. As Albert Einstein has said, “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value”. Thus, we believe in on-time deliverables. We the Bluebashions deal in web development, web design, React, Ruby on Rails, UX design. We build software, application in various sectors such as finance, retail, education, consumer tech, social, hiring, etc. We ensure to provide scalable solutions to our customers as per their growth.

Our Life at Bluebash

Birthday Celebration

December 2019 Bday celebration of staff

Christmas Celebration

Celebration with team-gift,fun,santa

Trip to Chail,Kufri

Awesome trip to Chail_Kufri

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